How To Go Back to School Smoothly

With a new year of school starting here at StoryHeights Montessori, we are so ready to hear that exciting buzz of children learning and having fun in our classrooms! We can almost hear that school bell ringing! A new school year can bring a lot of change: new school, new schedule, new friends, and sometimes change for your preschooler, infant or toddler can bring fear and anxiety. Perhaps you'll enjoy some of these tips to ease your child's back-to-school experience.

TIP 1: Begin new sleep and waking times a few days before school begins.

Changing bed and wake-up times can be tricky and can lead to sleepy, cranky children(and parents!). Starting a few days before allows time for a more gradual, less
noticeable transition of 10-15- minute increments each day.

TIP 2: Practice your morning routine.

If your family has been on a more relaxed summer schedule, lounging in pajamas and taking your time with breakfast, establishing the new routine ahead of time will make the first day go more smoothly. Have your child go through the process of waking, having breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, collecting belongings, etc. in the time frame she’ll have once school begins. Get ready, hop in the car and drive around the block!

TIP 3: Let your child use his new lunch box for lunch at home.

He’ll be able to practice opening the containers, bags, and wrappers. This will help him become a bit more self-sufficient and independent at school, and will give you an idea of how much he eats, and what he likes!

TIP 4: Familiarize your child with her new school.

Driving by the school and scheduling a meet-and-greet with the teacher can offer concrete experiences about what “school” means.

TIP 5: Talk to your child about what will happen at drop-off time.

If you’re not sure about the school’s policy (do parents stay or do they drop and go?), ask! Having that info ahead of time avoids confusion and misunderstandings.

TIP 6: Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy!

Take a few pictures together with your child to document the exciting day. Have a great breakfast together, and give your child a big hug before you leave. Try to refrain from crying as this could cause your child to become emotional. Reassure your child that you'll be back at the end of the day, and continue to assure them how much fun they're going to have. Drive away knowing you made a great choice for your child, and they'll be more independent and empowered to soar to new heights because of school.

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